So as this race wrapped up this weekend I realized it has been a year since Ken Larson and his team from AZ Fast Track Racing took a empty piece of land and started transforming it into a dedicated sand drag track area.

More run off than any track on the west coast and dirt that has some real good hook up as is evident from constant wheelies from all classes that have run there so far. Each race is fairly consistent with 30 to 50 entries. Hotels and facilities within 15 minute drive.

While there is an influx of spectators that seems unexplainable from 1000's to 8 depending on the day, the track and the facility remain fairly consistent.

So why aren't racers in the surrounding area giving the facility and the team a chance?

What can AZ Fast Track do different or better to appeal to more racers and bring in more teams? Those that know me know I am a fan first of Sand Drags before anything else. I love the machines and more importantly the people and would love to see this facility (by far the closest to my home in Vegas) get some more racers to make the classes more competitive.

I realize the economy still struggles for many but I sure would like to see some of those hundreds of cars that are hiding in garages and trailers come out and play once in a while.

If you have some constructive criticism for AZ Fast Track and what they can do, please throw a reply in here and lets see what Kenny and his crew can do to make things better. I know when he came out with his schedule last year I thought he was crazy putting on an event every month but with the exception of the one summer race in July that would have been miserable for all, (extremely happy that was cancelled well in advance) he stuck with it no matter who showed up and for that I applaud him sincerely.